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    This gallery contains 10 pictures, last updated on 31st May 2003.

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    1024x768, 107377 bytes. Piloting a special with 242.001 heading to the celebration of the 30th birthday of the M41 series at Székesfehérvár. Picture was taken at Budapest-Nagytétény on 31st May 2003. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 72611 bytes .
    1024x768, 86233 bytes. Day by day closer to the end of it's long general overhaul. Picture was taken by Zoltán Máthé in August 2003. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 57815 bytes .
    1024x768, 78520 bytes. Climbing up to Balatonakarattya in March 1996. Picture was taken by Zoltán Máthé. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 50988 bytes .
    1024x768, 65947 bytes. After the short period at Rákos the MOW (Track Maintenance) finally got the locomotive from MÁV. It's temporary number was A61,017 after 1st March 2000. The locomotive was then before it's general overhaul at Budapest-Északi repair shop. Picture was taken by István Kiss on 15th July 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 46272 bytes .
    1024x768, 98505 bytes. Between 1st May 1998 and 15th November 1999 017 belonged to the Rákos engine shed at Budapest. Picture was taken there in April 1999. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 65491 bytes .
    1024x678, 144045 bytes. Under storage at Tapolca. The locomotiva was in very bad conditions, it was almost scrapped! Picture was taken by Jan Tepper at Tapolca in September 1996.Also available in smaller size: 800x530, 60033 bytes .
    1024x768, 258591 bytes. An early shot (~1978) from the collection of Zoltán Várkonyi.
    1024x768, 135001 bytes, by Galaxy . Waiting for depart at Tapolca.
    1024x768, 242563 bytes, by Galaxy . Those days it was in danger. Under storage at Tapolca in the summer of 1996 without batteries, traction motors and some brake parts.
    679x307, 45426 bytes. The M61, 017 with the mobile crane at Budapest-Nyugati pu. Photo by the Gigant Club .