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My page is dedicated to the best and beautiest ever locomotive of the Hungarian Railway Company (MÁV)

    This page was founded on 1st October 1998 and is currently in "as is" condition due to lack of time for being in a something completely different :)

    Last updated on 26th June 2002.

    News updated on 3rd May 2013.


    Hereby i'd like to say a big thank for everyone who contributed in this summer's celebration which gave many great moments for the railway fans! We all hope that the success of this initiation will prolong the show for the next summer and we'll be able to see M61 and M40 locomotives in scheduled duty again!

    March 2005 – after years of almost hopeless waiting – NOHAB-GM Foundation was able to purchase the empty carbody of M61-002. The remnants of the locomotive were offered for sale through an auction which the organization have won by submitting a bid of HUF 2,625,003 (cca. EUR 10,800), saving the locomotive from the cutting torch. The foundation's long-term goal is to re-build the locomotive. M61-002 was transferred to the fomer locomotive shed of Budapest East Station on March 3, 2005.

    On 21st December 2000 the M61's ended their service in Hungary.

    You may find pictures about the last days here .

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    If You have any picture/soundfile/photo of the NOHAB's, know a Website about this majestic locomotive which is not presented here at the "Links", found an error on this site or simply just LOVE these old beauties, please write an E-mail to me!

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