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    Gallery contains 9 pictures. Last updated on 29th December 2000.

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    1024x742, 93250 bytes. The lovely 014 is standing at Budapest-Déli pu. with train 9718 in June 1994. Picture by unknown. Also available in smaller size: 800x579, 59997 bytes.
    1024x768, 68007 bytes. Two locos, which both had more fans than an "average" M61: 008 and 014 at the scrapyards at Sátoraljaújhely. Picture was taken by Zoltán Máthé in May 1997. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 46442 bytes.
    1024x768, 128626 bytes. Picture was taken by Ferenc Joó at Kaposvár in the Summer of 1996.
    1024x768, 124641 bytes. Picture was taken by Ferenc Sebestyén in 1992 at Nemesgulács-Kisapáti.
    1024x768, 155262 bytes. © 1999 Zékány-Máthé.
    Waiting at the Budapest-Keleti pu. Picture was taken by Dr. Imre Károly. Used with kind permission of ZM-Company.
    1024x768, 87991 bytes. One of the very last days when the NoHABs still visited Budapest. Picture was taken by Péter Werner Gróh at Budapest-Déli pu on 24th May 1996. 
    1024x768, 46788 bytes. Picture was taken at Tapolca in 1994 by András Ekés.
    1024x768, 164062 bytes, picture and scan by Galaxy. Picture was taken near Budapest-Kelenföld
    734x500, 63640 bytes. Goodbye 014! Picture and scan by Péter Werner Gróh (Gigant Club).