The VLTJ (Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborřn Jernbane) operates 2 ex-DSB NoHAB-GM locos:

    VLTJ MX 26 (Torfisken): ex MX 1025
    OSJS MX 41 (Kong Hother): ex MX 1023 (leased from OSJS)

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    NEW! 1024x768, 110334 bytes. VLTJ MX 26 "Tørfisken" + ØSJS MX41 "Kong Hother" + PBS MY 1110 with a freighttrain at Holstebro. Picture was taken in May 1999 by Bjarne Werther. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 71636 bytes.