The pictures here are taken by me. All of them has a size of 1024x768 pixels (exceptions noted).
    147658 bytes. The start at Tapolca. Let's hear the majestic sound of the NOHAB at the manoeuvres before the start.
    962x768, 62843 bytes. The first miles with the wonderful hills in the background (Gulács and Badacsony).
    162186 bytes, at Badacsony. Let's go to hear this, which was recorded at the same time (greetings to the waving tourists at the cross). The NOHAB's are unbeliavable popular among the tourists.
    84979 bytes, at Balatonszepezd.
    74534 bytes, at Aszófõ. This small station is really one of my favourites.
    114691 bytes, at Káptalanfüred.
    159054 bytes. At Balatonudvari.
    167113 bytes. After this turn begins the beautiful lake shore driving to Balatonkenese.

    I've collected some good NOHAB-sounds! Let's hear them!

    Other pics about the beauty table 29.
    192726 bytes. The tunnel at Balatonkenese (21 st November 1998.)
    166549 bytes. This construction work protects the railtrack from landsliding. It was built in Summer 1998.
    105863 bytes. The tunnel...
    226761 bytes....and again the tunnel. It wasn't necessary to build a tunnel at this place of the track, it was built just for fun of the passengers... some time ago now, in 1909.