4th January, 2000: 

                                                  A serious accident occurred today at 1:20pm
                                                  CET as train no.2302 and train no.2369 collided
                                                  just south of Rena st. at the Røros Line. Train
                                                  2302 consisting of Di.3 625 and 3 carriages (Di.3
                                                  625+B3+B3+BF11) caught fire and the
                                                  locomotive and the first carriage toppled. Train
                                                  2369 consisting of DMU2 class 92
                                                  (BM92.14+BFS92.84) ended up with the first
                                                  carriage on the side very damaged and the last
                                                  carriage on the track and with few damages. 83
                                                  persons were aboard train 2302 and 17 persons
                                                  were aboard train 2369. The initial reports said 3
                                                  persons were killed and several injured. Later it
                                                  was clear that the toll was much higher, probably
                                                  33 persons including both engieneers and one of
                                                  the conductors. The worst Norwegian train
                                                  accident outside War periods happened in 1975
                                                  with a death toll of 27. Unfortunately it seems
                                                  that todays accident has a higher toll. [NJK] 

Source: http://www.njk.no - © Norsk Jernbaneklubb


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