Pictures were taken at Tapolca by me, except where noted
    NEW! 767x600, 77539 bytes. Our ticket from the last day's train... My car was parking at Székesfehérvár to join both the last evening's and dawn's train onboard, then met the friends at Káptalanfüred to photograph the last Tapolca-Székesfehérvár-NOHAB train. 21st December 2000, train 9725.
    NEW! 767x600, 77539 bytes. An other interesting ticket. On 11th November 2000 we drove to Fonyód to join the NOHAB-train to Kaposvár, then on the backturn we were onboard until the last possible changing point backwards (ticket is for the backrun to Fonyód). Just a month after we know that it was the very last NOHAB-hauled Szombathely-Kaposvár train ever. 11th November 2000, train 9541.
    540x768, 70093 bytes. Picture by András Ekés (Tapolca, 1994).
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