M 62 Series (Szergej) 
    1024x768, 125586 bytes. The M62,163 with a regular train (9517) at Tapolca on 28th December 1998. This could be the last line - especially after the electrification of the Budapest-Szombathely line - where these locos hauls personal trains. 
    1024x768, 145852 bytes. 28th November 1998. At that time this loco was on bogie-repairing at Tapolca. 
    1024x768, 127452 bytes. The poor old M62 165 at Tapolca, on 10th October.1998. Waiting for repairs. The M62 series walks fast in the same shoes as the NOHAB's, MÁV want to keep alive just some couple of locos of the series. 

    V 63 Series (Gigant) 
    1024x768, 107336 bytes. The V63, 042 at Balatonszárszó, on 13th October 1993. This is the most favourit electric locomotive type of many Hungarian railway fans. You may learn almost everything about it on the GIGANT Club Homepage

    M41 Series (Csörgõ) 
    1024x768, 299619 bájt. The M41,2150 at Badacsony with fast train (962) on 23rd November 1998. This is the main diesel traction force of the MÁV for passenger trains; it's not bad, but underpowered by hauling more than 6-8 coaches - which number is exceeded in the summer at the Lake Balaton not rarely by 4-6 pieces. Want to hear the sound of it? Here it is

    V43 Series (Szili) 
    986x680, 112927 bytes. The V43, 1061 at the Déli station. This is the main electric traction force of the MÁV. 
    Picture by The GIGANT Club